Bach Step-Up Trombones

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  • Step-Up Model TB200 Tenor Trombone
    The Bach TB200 is extremely responsive with a colorful, broad sound with smooth and quick handslide action. It is a durable instrument perfect for the students and amateur musicians and is well suited for all…
    Step-Up Model TB200S Tenor Trombone
    Vincent Bach combined his unique talents as both a musician and an engineer to create brass instruments of unequalled tonal quality. Often copied but never duplicated, Bach instruments today remain the sound…
    Step-Up Model TB200B Tenor Trombone
    The Bach TB200B is extremely responsive with a colorful and broad sound. The traditional wrap F section promotes clean attacks and stability. It is a well designed durable instrument perfect for the students…

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Advice for Aspiring Trombonists from King Trombone Artist Bob McChesney