King Step-Up Model 2360W Fiberglass / Hybrid Sousaphones

About the Model 2360W

The King hybrid sousaphone offers the combination of a brass bell and a fiberglass body. It has a slightly smaller bore than the 20K and also has a removable valve section for ease of repair. With plastic case.


The TR602F has the sonority of a big tenor trombone with the "feel" or control of a small tenor trombone. The short-stroke lever action is ideal for anyone with smaller hands. The clear lacquer finish provides a subtle warmth to the overall sound. This is a great horn to ease progression in the larger-bore instruments. Available in silver-plate finish as model TR602FS.

Tech Specs

Holton - .525" bore, key of Bb/F, 8" yellow brass bell, standard wrap F attachment with standard rotor, yellow brass outer slide, clear lacquer finish, Holton 12C mouthpiece, CTR602WC woodshell case.