Yanagisawa Professional Model SN981 Sopranino Saxophone

About the Model SN981

This professional level sopranino saxophone has precise intonation and superb tonal characteristics. Its range is from low Eb to high E and is gold lacquered and finished with hand engraving. It comes in a hard case with a Yanagisawa 6 hard rubber mouthpiece and a strap.


Octave system - Both ends of the octave key axis rotate in a receptacle that is coated to ensure a smooth operation every time. "Indented" white shell keys provide comfort for the player. Both thumb rests are metal and the right hand thumb hook is adjustable. The pivot screws are pointed to allow an accurate center and precise action. The pads are air-tight and waterproof to extend their life. Blue steel springs provide a quick response and greater durability than stainless steel. Hand made in Japan. Hand Engraved. Lacquered brass. Adjustable Range is Low Bb to High E. Comes with woodshell case with quality ebonite mouthpiece.