Vito Student Model V7212WC Bb Clarinet

About the Model V7212WC

Leblanc Vito clarinets were named after the founder of Leblanc USA, Vito Pascucci. Leblanc student instruments have always been sensitive to the needs of developing students. These clarinets are designed with medium large bore to help students easily achieve a big, well controlled, sound. The P.R.A.G. helps students properly align the bridge mechanism, a tricky part of the instrument to align. Vito clarinets are built to last, so they are ideal for young clarinetists.


  • Medium large bore clarinet - free blowing but more controlled sound. 
  • P.R.A.G. to align body joints. 
  • Vito II mouthpiece promotes centered tone and good embouchure habits. 
  • Durable wood case 
  • Comes without bell ring for extra resonance 
  • Classic durable wood case

Tech Specs

  • Key of Bb
  • Made in the USA
  • Reso-Tone ABS Body
  • Nickel Silver Keys
  • Cylindrical Bore
  • Large Bore Size
  • Fixed Thumb-rest
  • Leather Pads
  • Plastic Mouthpiece
  • Woodshell Case