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Sample Request Letter

I have just completed a long-range (five year) plan for the instrumental music department of ________________________ school. Along with the setting of specific educational goals and objectives, I have projected the equipment requirements to accomplish those goals.

On the following pages, you will find a Five-Year Plan for the Instrumental Music Department in our school. This plan resulted from an effort to determine the following:

1. What most likely will be the growth of the band and orchestra in the next five years?
2. What additions must be made to the inventory to satisfy the demand for instruments that will result from this growth?
3. What instruments in the present inventory will need to be replaced?
4. What other materials will be needed in order to provide the students with a quality, sequential music education program?

I believe that at the end of the five-year period, we will have a band of 80-90 instrumental students. To have the adequate instrumentation and voicing of the various sections of the band and to offer maximum contribution to school and community activities , this plan includes the addition of the following instruments to the inventory:

1 Piccolo 4 Double French Horns 1 Euphonium
1 Oboe 1 Baritone Saxophone 1 Bassoon
2 Mellophones 1 Xylophone 1 Chime

This plan would also permit the replacement of the following instruments now on the inventory, but fully depreciated and beyond adequate repair:

1 Double French Horn 1 Tenor Saxophone 1 Tuba
1 Bass Clarinet 1 Euphonium 3 Marching Snare
1 Drum Set 1 Pair Cymbals  

The cost for the first three years is above average for the five-year plan because we have an immediate need for several instruments. The last two years show a decline in requests, which brings about a per year average that I sincerely hope the school board find possible within its budget planning.

Realizing the cost implications and increasing demands on the school budget, I would suggest that we consider both the direct purchase of these items, as well as an annualized lease/purchase program commonly available in the musical instrument market. Many school music departments throughout the country have adopted lease/purchasing as the best means to satisfy their immediate needs while enjoying the true economy of purchasing equipment over a multi-year period while maintaining today's prices.

I would be most willing and eager to discuss this equipment request and program plans with you or with ____________________ at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your consideration.


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