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DrTim.jpgDr. Tim Lautzenheiser - Vice President of Education
The Conn-Selmer Division of Education, led by Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, is dedicated to providing resources for music educators worldwide. These goals are accomplished through teacher in-service speakers, Conn-Selmer Institute, Conn-Selmer VIP Program and the Music Administration Collaborative. In addition, the DOE provides assistance with instrumental purchase planning via the Conn-Selmer School Program.

Contact Dr. Tim:  Email: drtim@conn-selmer.com

Michael Kamphuis - Managing Director, Division of Education
Michael can be contacted to assist with information regarding the Conn-Selmer School Program, the Music Administration Collaborative, and Artist/Clinic needs.

Contact Michael: 574.607.6000 Email: mkamphuis@conn-selmer.com

Kelly Bryan - Manager, Educational Outreach
Kelly can be contacted to assist with Conn-Selmer Institute, the VIP Program and In-Service Clinics. As a former music educator, Kelly also oversees the Conn-Selmer Educational Resource Center, creating new online resources for music educators.

Contact Kelly: 574.329.8727 Email: kbryan@conn-selmer.com

Rick-Ghinelli.jpgRick Ghinelli - Educational Support Manager, Texas 

Rick serves as the Conn-Selmer educational representative for the state of Texas.  As a member of the Division of Education, his responsibilities are focused on onsite VIP visitations, Conn-Selmer School partnerships, the instrument-sampler programs, working with schools to arrange Conn-Selmer artists visitations, and much more.  As the former Fine Arts Coordinator for Spring ISD, Mr. Ghinelli offers a wealth of knowledge available to all schools via personalized clinics, staff development presentations and guest appearances for music education students.

                                   Contact Rick: 713.553.8376 Email: rghinelli@conn-selmer.com

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