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Gonzalez Reeds releases three new models

Posted on November 20, 2012

Gonzalez Reeds has launched three new lines of reeds – The Classic line for all wind instruments, the Jazz line for alto and tenor saxophone, and the GD line for Bb clarinet. Already known for their high quality cane and exceptional playability, these lines will help round out Gonzalez’ offerings and give every player something to choose from in the Gonzalez family.

The Classic Line

CLARGCL25.jpgThe Classic Line is the newest addition to the Gonzalez Reed Family. The Gonzalez Classic Reeds are ideal for the student, advancing player and professional alike. A thin tip, balanced with a thicker design toward the heel, offers a very pure sound ideal for classical and traditional playing. The Classic reeds are available for the full line of clarinets and saxophones and come in ½-sizes. MSRP ranges from $34.99 to $66.99 depending upon instrument. The Classic Line will be introduced at Midwest in 2012 and NAMM in 2013.


The Jazz Line

ASAXGJ3.jpgThe Jazz Line for alto and tenor saxophone is also called Local 627 – named for the famed musician’s union that was home to Charlie Parker. These reeds were designed to be played with jazz and popular music. A thicker tip and very flexible pallet allow the Gonzalez Jazz reeds to be very dynamic and versatile. The Jazz reeds are for the advancing player and professional and come in ¼-strengths to offer greater consistency. MSRP ranges from $37.30 to $47.20 depending upon the instrument. The Jazz Line is now available.


The GD Line

CLARGD375_web.jpgThe GD Line, for Bb clarinet, have a thicker tip and longer pallet that results in a deeper, richer sound with pronounced body in the attack. The GD reeds are designed for the advancing player and professional and come in ¼-strengths to offer greater consistency. MSRP is $47. The GD Line is now available.


About Gonzalez

Gonzalez Reeds all come from Argentina, where the climate allows exceptional cane to grow. The reeds are made and packaged in a very earth-friendly manner. Gonzalez reeds are meticulously made from the finest hand selected cane. Only naturally grown cane that is free of pesticides and chemical products is chosen to become Gonzalez reeds. Aged a minimum of two years, each cane tube is split and measured to ensure proper dimensions. Careful inspection at each stage of production guarantees that only the best reeds receive the Gonzalez stamp of approval. Each Gonzalez box contains consistently playable reeds that exceed the demands of the most discerning players.

About Conn-Selmer

Conn-Selmer, under a portfolio of brands, is the leading manufacturer and distributor of musical instruments for student, amateur, and professional use.  With a tradition of innovation, and superior musical performance, brands such as Vincent Bach, CG Conn, King, Holton, Selmer, Armstrong, Leblanc, Ludwig, Musser, Scherl & Roth, Glaesel, and William Lewis have earned a legacy of respect unparalleled by any other builders.  Conn-Selmer is also the North American distributor of Selmer Paris woodwinds, the US distributor of Yanagisawa saxophones, and the global distributor of the Jiggs pBone (the world's only plastic trombone).  With a focus on quality craftsmanship, Conn-Selmer operates US production facilities in Elkhart, IN, Cleveland, OH, Eastlake, OH, Lagrange, IL, and Monroe, NC.  Through its educational outreach team, led by Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, Conn-Selmer is the industry leader in providing support and advocacy tools specifically tailored to music education.  For more information on the complete line of instruments, services, and support available from Conn-Selmer, visit www.conn-selmer.com.


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