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For Immediate Release

Three hundred music educators, college music majors, and arts administrators from across the country chose to be a part of the 16th annual "SOLD OUT" CONN-SELMER INSTITUTE held at Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana.   When asked about this year’s event, Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, Vice-President for the Division of Education at Conn-Selmer stated, "It is always an honor and a privilege to be in the presence of music educators who are committed to excellence in every aspect of their school programs. Conn-Selmer Institute is a forum for all those who are dedicated to quality music learning and music making. CSI 2013 helped raise-the-bar for everyone...first class from beginning to end!"

During the opening ceremonies, John Stoner, President and CEO of Conn-Selmer Inc also showed his support for the 2013 event by saying, “The genesis of this program was SELMER UNIVERSITY, and its debut effort produced an audience of twenty-eight college students.  Through the years it has evolved to become one of the most recognized and relevant events of its kind, serving an enthusiastic group of today and tomorrow's music education leaders.  Conn-Selmer is thrilled to offer this one-of-a-kind program in support of music in our schools.”

A wide based curriculum offering accommodates four specific personnel areas:  college/university music education students, the young teacher track, veteran music educators, and fine arts/music administrators.  The faculty includes the most revered iconic master teachers in the field; an elite group in the music education community.

In addition to a jam packed schedule of relevant workshop topics, the participants had the opportunity to be a part of the JW Pepper Music/Hal Leonard Reading Band, visit the Bach and Woodwind production facilities, and enjoy an evening concert presented by the popular Canadian Brass.  

The following testimonials highlight the trademark signature synonymous with CSI:

“Thank you once again for the opportunity to attend this year’s CSI.  It was a packed filled three days and I had a chance to begin unpacking all of the things learned, discussed, etc. earlier in the week.  I look forward to our building a relationship for the good of the kids everywhere who are or want to be involved in music!” Thomas Bracy, Merit School of Music, Chicago, IL

“I can’t say enough how much the last few days helped me as a musician, teacher, and person.  I put Conn-Selmer 2013 in the top five of all professional development events I’ve experienced in my 20 years of teaching.” Kyle Weirich, Director of Bands, Elkhart Central High School, Elkhart, IN

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for such an amazing opportunity to attend the Conn Selmer Institute.  It was an awesome experience!  I had a great time catching up with old friends and meeting new ones and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet with so many great leaders from around the country.  It was truly eye opening to hear about our common issues around the country as well as our not so common issues.” Dustin Winson, Assistant Director of Fine Arts, Pasadena ISD, Pasadena, TX

It was also announced that Conn-Selmer’s Division of Education is being expanded to bolster the ongoing support of music educators around the world. Michael Kamphuis has been appointed as Managing Director of the Division. “I’m excited for this great opportunity to help promote the mutual agenda of music education and the music industry; the possibilities are endless. Witnessing the great energy this week I began to recognize the immeasurable value of the networking benefits of everyone concerned. This is evidence of the possibilities that lie ahead. Working alongside Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, Vice President of Education, and the visionary leader of the Division of Education, I’m proud to be a part of this great initiative supported by Conn-Selmer and I look forward to working closely with Tim and all the dedicated educators who continue to make a positive difference in countless ways,” Mike stated.

Corporate partners for Conn-Selmer Institute include: Fred J. Miller, Remo, Marching Show Concepts, Manhasset, JW Pepper, Educational Tours Inc., Charms, Wenger, National Association for Music Educators, Indiana Music Education Association, Vandercook College of Music, NAMM Foundation and Supportmusic.com

Conn-Selmer Institute (CSI) 2014 will be held June 8 – 11 at Bethel College; for further information, please send inquiries to gjohnston@conn-selmer.com, or you can visit the Conn-Selmer Institute website at: www.conn-selmer.com under the educators tab.

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Sheri Miller kicking off the opening ceremonies with Mike Kamphuis playing the pink pBone
Sheri Miller kicking off the opening ceremonies with Mike Kamphuis playing the pink pBone
Ed Lotter of the Whistle Pigs playing a pink pBone during their Potawatomi Park concert
Ed Lotter of the Whistle Pigs playing a pink pBone during their Potawatomi Park concert
Pink pBone Vendor Table
Pink pBone Race for the Cure Vendor Table

On Saturday, June 15, 2013 Conn-Selmer supported the local Susan G. Komen Northern Indiana Race for the Cure with the launch of the new pink pBone and a race team. 

Conn-Selmer Managing Director Mike Kamphuis kicked off the race ceremonies by playing the pink pBone to lead the “charge” of the events attendees.  Executive Director for this event, Sheri Miller also shared that $5.00 from every sale of the pink pBone will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Northern Indiana Affiliate.  To see a video of this, visit www.conn-selmer.com.  After only a week of public sales, Conn-Selmer has raised $1500 from pink pBones for donation.  Conn-Selmer is looking forward to increasing the amount as sales continue over the next year.

The Jiggs Whigham pBone brings a fun and intriguing twist to the traditional trombone.  Developed by accomplished trombonists, the pBone was designed to spark the interest in young children and promote interest in the art of brass playing.  With its plastic construction, this lightweight instrument sounds remarkably like brass trombones. The pBone is being used by professionals, amateurs, and students alike. pBone is a fun way to catch the eye and ear of any audience, as was demonstrated by Ed Lotter, the Whistle Pigs’ trombonist on Friday, June 14, 2013 during their concert in Potawatomi Park.

pBone is a colorful, fully functional small bore trombone. To find out more about the resilient construction, remarkable durability, dimensions and available colors visit www.jiggspbone.com

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For Immediate Release

The 26th Annual Elkhart Jazz Festival begins June 21st and goes until June 23rd, 2013 in downtown Elkhart, Indiana.  Over 100 top jazz musicians from around the country will be performing, including Wynton Marsalis and The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, guitarist John Pizzarelli, clarinetist Dave Bennett and Ludwig’s percussionist Jim Catalano, an Elkhart local. 

Jim CatalanoLudwig-Musser has been a supporter of The Annual Elkhart Jazz Festival since the beginning.  This year, “there are six stages with simultaneous performances and all are equipped again with Ludwig Drums,” said Jim Catalano, Ludwig-Musser Product Manager.  “We are also providing a Musser Vibraphone for this event to showcase the instruments that will soon be manufactured in Elkhart.”

Catalano has played an integral part in all 26 years of The Elkhart Jazz Festival providing Ludwig-Musser drums/vibes equipment, serving on the planning committee and assisting with the talent selection. 

Jim will also be performing this year during the festival.  He is a jazz drummer and vibes player with Truth in Jazz Big Band, VibeNation, Jazz Assemblage Big Band and The Elkhart Municipal Band.  He says, “this is a labor of love.  Elkhart is so blessed to be able to present a BIG CITY jazz festival with top talent. The Elkhart Jazz Fest has grown to be recognized as one of the premier summer jazz festivals in the nation.”

Ludwig-Musser is proud to continue supporting the 26th Annual Elkhart Jazz Festival, a family-friendly event for all music lovers, with many free concerts, ticketed concerts and other activities.


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For Immediate Release

June 12, 2013

Conn-Selmer is proud to announce this year’s recipient of the Centerstage Lifetime Achievement Award, Dr. Fred Hemke. Dr. Hemke has been one of the most significant educators in saxophones, retiring this past year from Northwestern University after 50 years of service. He has played and been a partner with Conn-Selmer and Henri Selmer Paris saxophones and mouthpieces throughout his career.

Dr. Fred HemkeDr. Hemke received this honor at the Conn-Selmer Institute ceremony on June 10th 2013.  The presentation was held at Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana. Dr. Hemke was emotional and overjoyed with his win.  He commented, “When I was ten years old, I began to play my Dad’s old alto saxophone.  At eleven, my parents bought me a new Conn Constellation alto. At seventeen I received my first Selmer saxophone and have played a Selmer ever since.  Conn and Selmer have shaped my entire musical career for the best part of the past sixty-seven years.   I am absolutely thrilled, honored and grateful to have been selected to receive this very special award from Conn-Selmer.” Dr. Hemke continues to play a Selmer saxophone.

Centerstage is the department that manages all Band and Orchestral Artist Clinicians and Endorsing Artists under the Conn-Selmer brand of instruments. With a stable of hundreds of artists in a wide array of genres, instrumentation and skills we strive to help connect industry with music education.  Nominations are submitted throughout the year at the Conn-Selmer Centerstage website. To qualify the artist must be affiliated for more than 25 years with a Conn-Selmer instrument. The final winner is determined by votes of the public.

For more on Conn-Selmer, Dr. Fred Hemke and the entire family of endorsing artists and clinicians or a video of the award ceremony, visit www.conn-selmer.com

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pBone : PinkJiggs Whigham pBone and the Susan G. Komen Northern Indiana Affiliate have a similar goal: both promote early detection, in different ways. pBone was designed to aid in a child’s interest for music early in their development and Susan G. Komen promotes breast cancer awareness by encouraging early detection .  

The pink pBone team plans to demonstrate its support for a Cure for breast cancer by running in the Northern Indiana Race for the Cure and generously announced today that $5.00 from every sale of the pink pBone will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Northern Indiana Affiliate. That’s why it became a natural fit for the pBone team to kick off the launch of its latest color PINK at the Susan G. Komen Northern Indiana Race for the Cure.  The race is being held in Potawatomi Park on Saturday, June 15, 2013. 

pBone : PinkThe Jiggs Whigham pBone brings a fun and intriguing twist to the traditional trombone.  Developed by accomplished trombonists, the pBone was designed to spark the interest in young children and promote interest in the art of brass playing.  With its plastic construction, this lightweight instrument sounds remarkably like brass trombones. The pBone is being used by professionals, amateurs, and students alike. pBone is a fun way to catch the eye and ear of any audience, as will be demonstrated at Potawatomi Park this weekend.

pBone is a colorful, fully functional small bore trombone. To find out more about the resilient construction, remarkable durability, dimensions and available colors visit www.jiggspbone.com.

To find out more about how to participate in the race, visit www.komennorthernindiana.org.

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For Immediate Release


On April 5th-7th 2013, the first annual Rocket City Jazz Festival was held in Huntsville, Alabama. It featured Tom "Bones" Malone, several local jazz musicians and groups that came together to celebrate jazz music and support jazz education.  This event was made possible with the help of Conn-Selmer sales representative Derek Bowen.

Opening night began with a master class by Tom "Bones" Malone covering the art and techniques of improvisation on any instrument and how everyone can improvise. The master class concluded by bringing to the stage local high school students to put their confidence and tonality to the test. The night's concert featured local jazz musician Mike Agee on tenor saxophone and Tom "Bones" Malone on trombone. The night was packed full of excitement with tunes from several different composers. The Alabama Blue Brothers  (Jamey and Justin Crisler) and Malone blew the audience away by improvising on trombone, baritone sax, tuba, trumpet and piccolo. Saturday, Malone taught a master class to a group of students at Meridianville Middle School, followed by an open master class with the Rocket City Jazz Orchestra.

April 7th was the big finale, featuring several active bands of Huntsville and soloists throughout the day, ending with The Super Awesome Big Band showcasing highlights from the opening night concert with Tom "Bones" Malone.

Tom “Bones” Malone is an artist on the Conn-Selmer Centerstage roster, to find out more information about Tom or other artists, visit:  http://centerstage.conn-selmer.com/

All photos taken by Jaemi Hemphill-Photography and Design Studios

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For Immediate Release

Joel MillerThis year the Juno Awards (the Canadian version of the Grammy’s) was held on April 21, 2013 at the Brandt Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  The theme was, “It’s Gonna Get Loud!” … and it delivered – with the famous host Michael Bublé, driving viewership higher than last year, and topping out at nearly 7 million throughout the evening.  The award show captured the 18-34 year olds attention last Sunday and was the third highest audience it has had on that national network.

Congratulations go out to Joel Miller, a Conn-Selmer artist nominated in the Best Contemporary Jazz Album of the year category.  He says, “I just got back from the Juno Awards in Regina where I performed with my group. Afterwards, I attended the gala ceremony and I won a Juno Award for my album SwimI’m thrilled and honored to accept this award and to be recognized for the time, work and artistry that I put into my album.” 

The Juno Award for Contemporary Jazz Album of the Year has been awarded since 1977.  It is in recognition of the best contemporary jazz album nationally across Canada. The Juno Awards are bestowed annually to Canadian musical artists and bands to recognize their musical accomplishments.

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For Immediate Release

Last week, at the 25th Anniversary of the East Coast Music Association (ECMA) awards in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada) Conn-Selmer’s saxophone artist Joel Miller took home the Jazz Recording of the Year Award for his album Swim

Joel commented, “I'm thrilled to have received an East Coast Music Award for my album Swim. The CD was released on U.S. label Origin Records features my saxophone playing and writing along with pianist Geoffrey Keezer, Fraser Hollins and Greg Ritchie. Swim is also nominated for Juno Award this spring and I look forward to future performances in Canada and the U.S.”

“I'm also excited to have discovered the bronze Yanagisawa soprano (992).  I've been playing on it a lot lately.  I can't keep my hands off it actually!  I'm psyched about practicing it and working it into my new repertoire,” added Joel Miller. 

ECMA is a non-profit association that supports music on the east coast of Canada.  It has hosted an annual ceremony since 1989; it was known then as the Maritime Music Awards.  At the launch of these awards, there were five categories:  Album of the Year, Female Artist of the Year, Male Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, and Video of the Year, now it is up to 25 categories.  ECMA is the biggest Atlantic Canada music event and one of the best of its kind in North America.

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Richard Saucedo joins the Conn-Selmer Division of Education

John Stoner, President/CEO of Conn-Selmer, Inc., recently announced the addition of Richard Saucedo as the newest member of the Division of Education staff.  Mr. Saucedo will be retiring at the end of this academic year from his position as Director of Bands and Chairman of Performing Arts at Carmel High School in Carmel/Indianapolis, Indiana.  In addition to his illustrious award-winning teaching career, Richard is also a prolific arranger/composer and a member of the writing staff for Hal Leonard, Inc.

Richard Saucedo As part of the Division of Education, Mr. Saucedo will focus on the development of the teacher in-service initiative, outreach educational consultation for establishing sequential music curriculums, the creation of a series of educator-training workshops...all supporting Conn-Selmer's commitment to the positive growth of music in our schools. In addition he will continue his rigorous guest-conducting schedule and his many requests for commissions and special arrangements.

Richard served as a presenter at the 2012 Conn-Selmer Institute.  This year he will also play a key role at CSI sharing his expertise with the attending teachers, college track students, and the Music Administration Collaborative registrants.  In regard to this new appointment, Mr. Saucedo shared "I am thrilled and honored to be part of the team!"

"We are very excited to bring this internationally recognized music educator to our ranks," commented John Stoner, "With the many outstanding clinicians we have as part of our educational division, Mr. Saucedo will be in the best company possible in support of quality music education in all schools.  Connecting Richard with Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, our Vice President of Education, is certainly a winning combination of endless synergistic possibilities." 

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For Immediate Release

Ludwig Atlas Pro for PRLudwig’s radically advanced Atlas Pro Hardware line design is gaining worldwide recognition.  During a recent ceremony in Frankfurt, Germany Atlas Pro Hardware won the prestigious Musikmesse International Press Award (M.I.P.A.)

Musikmesse International Press Awards is considered by many to be the “Grammy" of the musical instrument industry.  The 14th annual M.I.P.A. polled 100 magazines from all over the world for the best musical instruments and audio equipment of 2012/2013 in over 40 categories.  Designed for the touring professional, Atlas Pro Hardware’s innovative function and sleek design received the honor for, “Best Drum Hardware.”

Ludwig Award Winners“Receiving the MIPA award is truly an honor.  Having the opportunity to revamp Ludwig’s hardware offering was a dream come true, and it is exciting to see our designs appreciated by drummers all over the world,”  shared Joshua Allen, Lead Engineer for Ludwig Drums.

In addition to the sleek design, included in the Atlas Pro line are more patent-pending innovations such as: the Centroid 3-point Hi-Hat stability system, Pillar Clutch snare drum stand, the classic look and smooth feel of the Atlas Pro double bass drum pedal. 

Launched in 2012, Atlas Pro won Best in Show honors at Winter NAMM 2012 and also DRUM! Magazine (US) Reader’s Poll winner for Best Hardware.


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